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Success Learning Programme

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Academic Coaching

One-on one tutoring or group tutoring based on grade level curriculum goals, while addressing individual requirements of a variety of students.

Perfect as an after-school supplement, as well as for homeschooling or as an alternative to home tutoring, HighQ caters to:

  • homeschool students
  • struggling and at-risk students
  • students with special needs
  • students at grade-level
  • advanced or gifted students



Success Coaching

Through guidance and empathy, HighQ success coaches help children build resilience, confidence, sustainable relationships, communication and other life skills which are key to long term success.  Using organization skills, time management, memory techniques and other methods, the process aims to provide a personalised enriching experience that helps in avoiding stress and allows for students to excel in learning.

Nutritional Coaching

A healthy diet plays a vital role in attaining optimal academic performance, particularly during the rigours and challenges of test and exam time.

Nutrition Impacts academic performance, thinking skills, behavior and health all factors that impact academic performance.

Benefit from professional health coaches and start “eating right to learning right”.


Self Study

Use Highq’s powerful learning resources on its own or in conjunction with the 1-on-1 tutoring, exam prep courses  and video lessons for an even more personalized learning programme and be better prepared for academic success.  Aligned to your curriculum, with grade-appropriate content, worksheets, past exam papers and resources across subjects, there’s no better route to becoming that independent, confident and successful learner.

The Highq Difference



The combined offering of academic tutoring, success coaching and the role of nutrition in learning transforms the students ability and capability in learning effectively to grow confidently.


Learn at your own pace with a preferred teacher. Get personalised support to meet needs specific to you.


Anytime. Anywhere. Any subject. Any device. Save time with face-to- face tutoring, coaching and counselling and mentoring with the right tools.


Every tutor is screened and certified. Safety features require teachers to adhere to a stringent reporting system. Students do not need to share any personal information.


Sessions are carefully monitored. Feedback reports, together with class notes and worksheets are provided to parents and students after every lesson.

Build Successful Learners

With the inclusion of the self-study programme, Highq provides a learning environment where students work independently, together with handpicked coaches and tutors, towards achieving their goals.